About Us

Led by Mr. Kenan Bircan, Bircan Immigration Guides You Through Visas, Citizenship & AAT Appeals (10+ Years)

Trusted for over two decades, Bircan Immigration, under the leadership of Mr. Kenan Bircan, helps individuals and families in Sydney navigate the Australian immigration process. We specialise in:

  • Australian Visas: Our team of experts guides you through visa applications, whether temporary or permanent.
  • Australian Citizenship: We assess your eligibility and support you throughout your citizenship journey.
  • AAT Appeals: Facing an unfavourable visa decision? Our team fights for a positive outcome in your AAT appeal.

Our commitment to excellence and personalized service has resulted in a high success rate and a long history of exceeding client expectations.

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Meet Our Director

Kenan Bircan


Mr. Kenan Bircan, the founder and director of Bircan Migration, is a distinguished MARA-registered immigration agent based in Sydney, Australia. With over two decades of expertise, Mr. Bircan has been at the forefront of assisting clients with Australian visas, citizenship eligibility, and AAT appeal services. Under his leadership, Bircan Migration has earned a reputation for delivering an exceptional experience and maintaining a high success rate.

Mr. Bircan’s professional journey is marked not only by his success in immigration services but also by his entrepreneurial spirit. Beyond migration, he has ventured into various business domains, further showcasing his versatile and dynamic approach to professional growth and development. His commitment to excellence and client satisfaction makes him a trusted name in both the immigration sector and the broader business community in Sydney.